Design Process

Design Services 

An introductory meeting would take place on site for us to discuss your project, after which I will send through a quote for the fee for any works that are clear at this stage. Once an agreement has been reached we move forward on the next phase.

As a Garden Designer I offer a comprehensive range of services, from the concept right through to the completion. Brachers Garden offers you a range of services flexible tailored to your requirements & your specific desired results.  These include an individual creative consultation, incorporating specific design elements you may wish to develop or complete design package. 

Execution Of The Design;  

A case Study - The Bungalow Camber Sands - 2018

Clients brief "Bring us a little bit of Dungeness"

​​​​​​​​​​​Bracher's Garden

  • BRIEF   

             Spending time with the client on site to develop the written brief.


             Exploring the existing levels, buildings, trees, utilities & services, all of which need to be recorded. .

             On some occasions an independent surveyor may need to be be appointed. Fees do not include the cost of a surveyor but I am very happy to arrange this service for you.



             I then make a presentation in CAD form of my ideas & concepts, including creating a mood-board to further illustrate the finished garden. These will be good visual tools 

​             that we can use to enable the design to evolve & develop .


             A detailed masterplan which incorporates the changes & revisions from the last meeting is presented. This package allows me to build a budget for the project.


             I will now design a detailed planting plan. You may wish to remain closely involved in this part of the process.

            If you are a keen gardener you may have a particular scheme in mind & so your ideas at this stage of the design will play key. 


             Each design will be presented to 2/3 reputable landscape contractors. Following an on site visit a full itemised quote will be offered for your consideration. 

 * Rough idea of design costs - A garden design, inclusive of 2/3 meetings & basic survey averages £650-£1500