"David we love the garden. It has brought joy to our lives "

Brenda Montague - Chelsea 

"David, you have given us back our garden but improved it in "spades". You have most truly given us all immeasurable pleasure. One of my books is about gardens & of course they are a metaphor for everything good about life . As for the surprise when i got back from visiting my family yesterday to find a lush green botanical garden where there had been 30 ft of rubbish was by far the nicest thing that i have experienced in the last three years, thank you "

Lady Vanessa Hannam -Author 

"David has exceeded my dreams by creating a garden which is low maintenance & a peaceful oasis to sit & reflect after a long day at work. he is sympathetic to my wishes & goes well beyond  my expectations "

Vicki Sarge  - Jewellery designer 


​​​​​​​Bracher's Garden